Hi there, and thank you for wanting to know more about Vela Apparel. We are excited to introduce you our brand, and the core values held here. It’s important that we help our customers know more about us before they spend money us. 

Our mission is to inspire people to spend more time on adventure. That’s because adventure time is the most important time. When we spend time on adventure, time slows down, memories become more concrete, and smiles grow into permanent fixtures on our faces. For example, contrast the last time you went camping to the last time you had to sit in traffic. We bet you can remember hours worth of specific, detailed moments on your camping trip, even months or years later. But we doubt you can remember anything more than your frustration the last time you were stuck in traffic. There’s no reason to want to remember moments stuck in traffic. That’s why we feel it is so important to help people turn moments of monotony into experiences of adventure.

The adventure we want to create don’t just come from adrenaline inducing activities, either. We believe any moment can be made an adventurous one. To us, adventure less about what we are doing, and mostly about how we feel when we do it. So we hope that everything we create helps people bring their adventurous attitude to every moment of their lives. 


. No matter what we are doing, if we apply an adventurous mindset, we can  We believe that adventure is just a particular set of adrenaline inspiring activities like rock climbing or mountain biking. It’

We strive to nourish our human connection to nature and adventure and when we have people connect to my art it fuels my creativity. When I bring a spark of hope, joy, or inspiration to women I feel my purpose feeling fulfilled. 

When I draw I feel called to the animal. I listen. I draw intuitively and when I am about half way through I dive into my ‘why’. I look into meanings and I am always in love with what I find. The drawings always connect back to what I am experiencing or living in life.

We started Vela when we were traveling in Italy. I was drawing in my notebook and sipping espresso the whole trip. We made our business plans in our @Airbnb while eating pizza and overlooking the Mediterranean on rainy evenings. We are inspired by the water and travel and this whale was one of the very first. My mountain whale with mountains in the tale while diving into waves is still one of my faves. It better be since I tattooed it on my arm a couple weeks after we got back.

Inspiration from my work comes from experience. Mostly my time traveling is where the inspiration comes from. The people, the creatures, the smells, the sounds, the experience. It all combines into a vision that shoves its way through my brain and eventually into a design. Sometimes the animals I find come through when I need them. I have always been obsessed with animals. Perhaps it was from watching the old British ‘Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’ movie and then dreaming of all of my stuffed animals coming to life, or perhaps my early desire to be a Veterinarian, but they come to me now and when I look up the symbolism it is always something I need at that time.


I am a mama. I have a 15mo boy named Apollo. He is our light and the reason we work 15 hours a day way too often, but also the reason we don’t respond to everything as fast as some would like. When we are each with him we are with him. Watching him grow has made us appreciate the little things and know how much we want to grow and create a business that continues to thrive in new and exciting ways. My husband is the true brains of our business. I make things pretty, he makes it all work. He is the hidden figure behind our brand a lot of the time but he is also the brains and the braun (I can’t tell you how many markets he has shlepped to, or late nights of unloading palates in the snow). He is my rock and my love and everything I have ever wanted in a partner.