Virutual Bingo

To Support Colorado Retail Businesses

Join us to help support Colorado retail businesses! We are all going through strange times right now, and the super small businesses are getting hit hard. With funding not going to small businesses, and a lot of the mom and pop shops not getting any help, we wanted to make a fun event that is a BINGO for everyone by giving money to small businesses, introducing you to other small yet mighty and amazing brands, and giving us all something fun to do in our pjs!

For every bingo card sold, all money goes to buy gift cards from these local businesses (see below). Those same gift cards are then what you can win in the BINGO games and during raffle sessions in between games!

When you buy a bingo card, or a pack of 5 you will get an email before the event (SUNDAY, MAY 3) that will have a link to your specific card and/or cards. You can either print your card/s out or play each of them online. For each card you get, you get to play all the games in the session (5-games per session). So you get a grand ole time of playing bingo with people who are awesome like you from all over the country and win amazing gift cards to small businesses that need support right now.

The bingo sessions will be held via a ZOOM meeting. You will get a link to this meeting along with your card link. If you haven’t done zoom before, we will also be sending out some tips to familiarize ya. 

From there, if you win we will then email you to get your email address to send you all of your gift cards that can be used online or in store once stores are allowed to open.

So tell a friend, grab your family, and let’s BINGO!

*Must be 18 or over to play

harper made
Olive & Olde's
Craft Boner
Kady's Kollars
Vela Apparel
Hygge Life
Two Little Fruits
Sabina Jewelry
Bee-Och Organics