Before we started Vela Apparel, I was working on discovering my style and my process. I have always loved watercolor painting. The fluidity of being able to make colors go where I want them to flow…or where they choose to go for that matter has always been so intriguing to me and I love the end whimsical imperfections that come out of the medium. As you can tell by some of my other design styles, I create very precise lines and very intentional design elements. Using a more fluid and unpredictable method is a great balance in my styles and keeps me constantly thinking of how to ‘fix’ flaws that happen, and just ‘go with the flow’.

Hand Painted Custom Trucker Hat
Hand Painted Custom Mountain Trucker Hat Class
Hand Painted Custom Mountain Trucker Hat Class

So where did hats come into this? Well I have fair skin, I live in the high-rockies, and let’s face it, I am getting older. I knew I needed to wear a hat to protect my face and head when hiking but I couldn’t find one I liked. I bought a few trucker hats and started creating my own (isn’t this what everyone does?). There were a lot of mistakes, happy accidents, and a few very ridiculous looking hats before I figured out how to make my colors bleed when I wanted them to, and stop when I decided. 

These hats have been a beautiful part of my creative process, I have watched people take them to the ends of the earth while they travel the world, and these designs, along with the people who love them have helped mold me as an artist. I stopped making these to sell in order to continue to grow and explore my creativity in different ways. But, now I get so much joy in teaching and sharing this creativity with you!

Come join us for one of our custom painted trucker hat classes. Click the links for logistics and info and get tickets.

So. Much. Fun.

‘A great way to meet new people in the community AND learn a new skill.. a win win! Elise was a great teacher. I highly recommend!’   – J. Weddle // Vail, CO

Seriously had THE BEST time…

‘Seriously had THE BEST time at Vela Apparel’s painting class. I have had a hand painted hat of hers for years and I was so excited when I found out she was doing a class. So fun to put some mountain doodles on a hat and meet new people. Elise is such a talented artist and the sweetest gal to be around! Thank you for sharing your passion!!!!! If anyone has a chance, go to her next workshop and see how great she is for yourself!’   – Maryanne M.  // Avon, CO

Get Tickets // Nov. 14th // Granby, CO
Get Tickets // Nov. 21st // Port Angeles, WA
Get Tickets // Nov. 22ND // Port Angeles, WA
trucker hat painting class at vela apparel in Vail colorado
Get Tickets // Dec. 10th // Avon, CO
trucker hat painting class at vela apparel in Vail colorado
Get Tickets // Dec. 20th // Avon, CO