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Vela Logo

At Vela Apparel, we create the most comfortable, versatile, activewear available while using high quality sustainable fabrics and materials. Our unique, hand-drawn, designs are rooted in nature and meant to inspire adventure and mindfulness. Our signature hoodies and pants combine the coziness of a fireside sweater with durable, outdoor performance wear. This combination allows you to stay comfy and flexible on or off the trail, mountain or wherever you enjoy the great outdoors.

Conceived in Vail, CO in 2016 by world traveling mountain spirits, Matt and Elise Holmes, Vela is committed to building long-lasting, comfortable, clothing made using sustainable materials and fabrics.

The Vela Constellation

Our name is derived from the constellation Vela, which in Latin means “the sails.” Vela would appear above the Mediterranean Sea in spring and appear to sail across the sky throughout the summer. A constellation in the shape of a sailing ship wandering the night sky encapsulates the adventurous spirit of our designs and our customers.

Our Core Values


VELA is constructed to be worn on the slopes or at the BBQ. We strive to create the most comfortable, durable, activewear on the planet all while using sustainable materials.


Our belief is that art and nature coexist in peaceful harmony and our unique, handcrafted designs reflect that philosophy. Each design is hand-drawn by our co-founder, Elise Holmes, and tell a unique story based on her personal experiences in the great outdoors.


Being an outdoor clothing brand, we have a responsibility to protect & restore our planet. That’s why we adhere to the Campsite Rule – leave it better than you found it - and use only sustainable, recyclable, materials and less-harmful dyes and fabrics in our products.


Whether it’s on the trail or on the ocean, we hope to never lose our sense of adventure! We believe that exploring is essential to achieving mindfulness and developing one’s true self.

Ensuring that our prints are made well enough to last and not fade is of super high importance. 
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