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Wishlist Guide

Millions of scientific studies have proven that not knowing what to buy someone for a gift is a leading cause of getting stressed out AF. Don't make it hard on your friends and family to get you the gifts you want. Use our wishlist feature, and avoid the hassle of having to drop not-so-subtle hints and deal with exchanges.

Our wishlist makes it really easy to put together your favorites, and send a nicely organized list of what you want! Anyone you send the link to can see the items in the wishlist and pick from them to get for you!

Best of all, if you are logged into your account (instructions below), you can save your wishlist and edit it whenever you want. You'll get an email from us alerting you to restocks, low quantities, and whenever an item in your list goes on sale.

Check out the features and how-tos below ↓

Add Products To Your Wishlist

On each product, below the 'Buy It Now' button, you can select 'Add To Faves'. Select any of the size or color variations that you want, and click the 'Add To Faves' button. Once you've done that, you'll see a small pop up that confirms it was added!

View and Edit Your Wishlist

By clicking the heart icon at the top of the website, in between the search and login buttons, you can view all the items in your wishlist. You can add individual items to your cart by clicking 'Add To Cart'. To save your cart, click the account icon in the top right, and either log into your account (you can create an account (which takes like 8.3 secs). Or, you can simply select "Save List" and enter your email address.

Share Your List!

Now it's time to share your wishlist! By clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right of your wishlist, you have several options to share your wishlist. We recommend copying the link and sending it directly to friends and family. You can also post it directly to your social media, or you can enter someone's email and send it directly (we don't recommend doing this as it might go to their spam). They can then open the wishlist and pick things to add. Once items has been purchased, you can remove them and leave the rest for the others that have your list! Whenever you make changes, the people with your wishlist link will also so those changes.