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Buffalo Perfect T-shirt | Navy & Silver


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Product Description

- 50/50 cotton and polyester blend
- Flattering women's cut
- Vintage jersey feel
- Soft and breathable


The buffalo is the design is my way of honoring an indigenous American treasure, and raising awareness of it’s tragic history. Buffalos once roamed and grazed in huge herds all across North America, and were sacred to Native Americans. But they were so abundant that starting in the 19th century, they were seen as an impediment to Western expansion. Because of this they were hunted and exterminated in a mass effort to reduce their population. Before long, the buffalo herds had shrunk in size so greatly, that during most of the 1900s, the buffalo was in danger of extinction. But thanks to the work of Native American tribes and philanthropists, the buffalo’s populations are now back on the rise.

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Elise Holmes, Designer

My designs are inspired from outside adventures, the gorgeous surroundings in Colorado, and my travels abroad. My illustrative style has been developed from years of being a graphic designer along with teaching yoga and meditation. This seemingly odd combination inspires my artwork that has deep connections and multiple layers of meaning in each design.