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Desert Skull Perfect T-shirt | Sand & Sage


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Product Description

- 50/50 cotton and polyester blend
- Flattering women's cut
- Vintage jersey feel
- Soft and breathable

The Perfect T-shirt has a stylish and flattering women's cut. It's as soft as all of our T-shirts, it's also lightweight and breathable and makes for the perfect casual top, or paired with a jacket.


A circle of life. We live, grow, expand, die, and go back to the earth. We are a cycle just as the moon is a cycle. This is never-ending, and when we take time to appreciate the cycle there is ease, beauty, and connection to everything. This is the inspiration behind the desert skull design. This cycle we all live in, bringing beauty and connection together with the skull, the moon phases, the desert, and stars.

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Elise Holmes, Designer

My designs are inspired from outside adventures, the gorgeous surroundings in Colorado, and my travels abroad. My illustrative style has been developed from years of being a graphic designer along with teaching yoga and meditation. This seemingly odd combination inspires my artwork that has deep connections and multiple layers of meaning in each design.