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Llama Festival Tank Top | Lime & Pine


Product Description

- 50/50 Cotton & Polyester Blend
- Slim Fit
- Rounded bottom hem
- Made in a WRAP certified facility

Dance like everyone's looking, and you look freaking fabulous. This tank is fitted and flattering at the shoulders, large armholes, but allows enough movement for you to flow. An elegant and vibrant twist on the classic muscle tank top.


"I lived in Argentina when she was 7, traveling through the country with her parents in the late 80s and living like a nomad for most of a year. During this time, llamas left a lasting impression on me. One of my favorite memories is when driving in the high Andes at night, they pulled over for a pee break, and while waiting for my mother to come back to the car, the sound of a screech echoed through the desert and my mom sprinted back to the car and jumped in quickly followed by a llama head. A lick of the bum while peeing had startled both mom and llama.

LLAMA SPIRIT ANIMAL: The llama is a symbol of endurance and dedication. When llamas appear to you, remember that you can keep going and life won't put things in front of you that you can't handle."

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Elise Holmes, Designer

My designs are inspired from outside adventures, the gorgeous surroundings in Colorado, and my travels abroad. My illustrative style has been developed from years of being a graphic designer along with teaching yoga and meditation. This seemingly odd combination inspires my artwork that has deep connections and multiple layers of meaning in each design.