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Piney Moose Cropped Windbreaker | Black


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Product Description

- Water hesitant outer fabric
- Zippered kangaroo pocket
- Waistband tightening string
- Half zipper with hood

You will never hesitate to throw this windbreaker in your pack. Its versatility makes it a no-brainer for variable fall weather. Its wind and water-resistant fabric protect you from the elements, but its breathability keeps you from the swamp effect. With a cropped waist with pinchable drawstring, you'll feel at ease throwing this on and off as needed.


Have you ever been so in awe of nature that it all stands still? In Vail, CO there is a magical place called Piney Lake. At Piney Lake you can see the majestic Gore Range mountains, and if you are lucky and up early enough, you just might see a moose or a family of them gently wading into the still waters. We were lucky enough to witness this on our paddleboards one very chilly morning. The vision has stuck with us and now turned into the gorgeous Piney Lake Moose artwork.

MOOSE SPIRIT ANIMAL: Are you drawn to the Moose? The moose spirit animal symbolizes strength and vitality. This spirit animal focuses on seeking the truth and finding our inner guidance. So if the moose is speaking to you, he is guiding you to work on those things that are in opposition to who you truly are.

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Elise Holmes, Designer

My designs are inspired from outside adventures, the gorgeous surroundings in Colorado, and my travels abroad. My illustrative style has been developed from years of being a graphic designer along with teaching yoga and meditation. This seemingly odd combination inspires my artwork that has deep connections and multiple layers of meaning in each design.