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Slumberkins Inc. - Yeti Kin - Mindfulness Collection

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As children become more independent, the world around them can sometimes be overwhelming. Yeti Kin helps little ones slow down and enjoy their experiences, helping them regulate their emotions and reduce their anxiety. Yeti’s story reminds children to slow down and be mindful of the world around them. With practice, the valuable skill of mindfulness can help regulate emotions and reduce anxiety. Product Includes: 1 Yeti Kin 1 Yeti Board Book 1 Yeti Affirmation Card

Elise Holmes, Designer

My designs are inspired from outside adventures, the gorgeous surroundings in Colorado, and my travels abroad. My illustrative style has been developed from years of being a graphic designer along with teaching yoga and meditation. This seemingly odd combination inspires my artwork that has deep connections and multiple layers of meaning in each design.